Visilinc technicians at work

About Visilinc

By understanding the unique demands of secure communications in the business, government, and corrections industries, Visilinc offers premier solutions for your visitation and arraignment needs. We will help you develop a clear communication strategy that is tailored to your specific requirements and will provide the greatest possible benefit to your operators.

With a combined industry experience of over 100 years, our sales engineers and technical staff take the time to understand your operation. We'll make recommendations to optimize your solutions in a language you can understand, and work with you to maintain your system at an optimum operating standard. It is this dedication to quality customer experiences that has lead to a growing number of satisfied clients - customers who remember Visilinc for installing the best equipment in the shortest amount of time.

We hope to maintain this reputation, and take pride in being a company that combines the business ideals and ethics of the past with today's cutting edge technologies. By leveraging modern capabilities, we are able to ensure the longevity of our products while mimimizing the drain on your resources.