VisMail “Inmate Email” – Now Available!

Visilinc is proud to announce the addition of VisMail to our robust line of Renovo software solutions. VisMail is a full featured corrections grade software solution which allows inmate access to secure email and helps reduce the costs inherent with traditional inmate mail.

Designed with security in mind, VisMail is the ideal solution for prisons and correctional facilities looking to streamline inmate and visitor communications while maintaining a high level of officer control. VisMail is also a constant revenue stream for facilities who wish to take advantage of the built-in “stamp” system.

Visitors have easy access to the VisMail interface via a link on the facility’s website. Once logged in, visitors are able to view and create email. When the system receives an outgoing message from an inmate, visitors are sent an automated notification to their home email address alerting that they have a message waiting.

The VisMail module quickly scans all email for blacklisted terms and misspellings before being sent for final officer review. Facilities have complete control over their dictionary and banned words list, and can easily set thresholds for rejection and review.

Once an email has been approved, inmates can receive their email in several ways:

Correctional facilities can easily integrate VisMail with any Visilinc Video Visitation (IP) system, offering the flexibility and convenience of an “all-in-one” solution. eXpress allows for all visitor and inmate communication to be handled with one easy-to-use software package. Inmates receive and reply to email through a secure Visilinc kiosk terminal, offering the correctional staff a new level of control.

Facilities that do not have inmate kiosks can easily print email using Renovo’s e2Print module. VisMail’s automated scanning engine screens all incoming email for suspect words and phrases. Once approved by the correction facility, emails can be easily printed and distributed to inmates. e2Print is a great way to cut down on resources normally reserved for the review and distribution of standard inmate mail.

VisMail Features:

Check1 Secured Inmate Email Revenue generation through customizable stamp charges and packages
Check1 Secured Inmate Email Can be integrated into Renovo’s visitation scheduling and management software
Check1 Secured Inmate Email Easy-to-use web-based public interface
Check1 Secured Inmate Email Secured inmate interface – inmates cannot access the internet
Check1 Secured Inmate Email Automated scanning engine to detect blacklisted terms
Check1 Secured Inmate Email Customizable multilingual blacklist dictionary
Check1 Secured Inmate Email Configurable auto-reject and mandatory officer review thresholds
Check1 Secured Inmate Email Privilege based review process
Check1 Secured Inmate Email Auditable approval/rejection process
Check1 Secured Inmate Email Email searches based upon key terms

Speak with a Visilinc rep today to learn more about the VisMail system!

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