Service Inquiry

Visilinc provides a 1 year parts and labor warranty. Extended warranties and maintenance contracts are available. It is our belief that working with with your staff during the warranty period will better prepare them when they assume full responsibility of the equipment.

If you require technical support or other service related help, please use the contact form here.


  • Phone support available 24/7
  • Service performed by experienced service technicians
  • Service provided throughout the US and Canada
  • Maintenance contracts available


The first step in devolping a quality system is to define the proper combination of equipment for the installation. Too often the customer is provided with a system that does not suit the application as well as it could. At Visilinc we consider customer input to be of the utmost importance, and offer consultation at no additional charge.

To get started with your system today, please use the contact form here.


  • Phone consultation at no charge
  • On-site consultation available
  • Consulations typically occur within 48 hours of inquiry
  • Regardless of your backgroujd, we'll help you understand our systems


Visilinc maintains a highly trained and capable staff to help you every step of the way. Consisting of engineers, electricians, CAD designers, and technicians, the Visilinc engineering team has over 100 years of collective industry experience. From conception to installation and beyond, Visilinc will help you achieve your goals.


  • CAD designers
  • Certified Engineers
  • As-built drawings
  • Custom solutions
  • Expert Support


Every Visilinc system is thoroughly tested before installation. Our staff electricians can offer the installation of conduit, cable, and other electrical devices. We will install the eqiupment per specifications and drawings in an efficient manner. End user training not only covers usage, but includes maintenance training for those charged with overseeing the system. Installation will be followed up with required documentation such as operational and maintenance manuals as well as as-built drwaings.


  • Installs throughout the US and Canada
  • Experienced technicians
  • As-built drawings
  • Final testing
  • End-user and maintenance training
  • Warranty

Maintenance Contracts

Visilinc offers a maintenance contract package for all of our products. This contract allows you to effectively extend your warranty beyond one year, and guarantee your system will be maintained for the term of the contract.


  • Phone support
  • On-site service
  • Hardware/Maintenance
  • Annual preventative inspections
  • Software upgrades
  • Additional training

Replacement Parts

We are able to replace any part of any system we install. We stand by our product, but even the best things come to an end. If something needs replacement, we'll have it - and you'll get it.

Available Parts

  • Handset and hook switch parts
  • Camera and lens replacements
  • Power supplies
  • Monitor replacement
  • Polycarbonate replacement
  • Baluns
  • Electrical adapters
  • Wiring and cabling